RESOLUTION REVOLUTION…Therefore Be It Unresolved.

As we walk, run, amble, jog, jump, zoom, skip, leap, or jet into 2014 most of us do so with the extra baggage of some kind of ‘New Year’s resolution’ grudgingly hanging on for a few weeks until we either keep the resolution(s) for life, forget them in a slow mental dissolve, or simply, never having made them at all, we just keep moving forward until the guilt of not having made even a single new year’s resolution goes away so you can leave yourself alone and get on with real life.

One pretty thorough research study showed that 88% of all people making New Year’s resolutions never keep them. Being in the Krispy Kreme doughnut business in Texas our customers are made up of “resolutionists” and “non-resolutionists” just like all the rest of society. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions any more but I do think about it when the ball comes down on Time’s Square. The reason I don’t resolution-make is that I used to make so many that I couldn’t possibly keep even half of them leading to a sense of failure, which is not all that bad unless you’re politically correct and believe that failure does not exist in our society. Then I went to making just one resolution like, “I’m going to lose weight.” Then I’d join a gym, pump some iron, buy some diet books, and eat mo brock-ly. I soon discovered that January gyms are so crowded with new members that the wait for a sweaty set of weights leaves too much down time which results in my thinking, “Wouldn’t a Budweiser and a bar-b-que taste really good right now!”

Also, many diet books are faddish and usually filled with enough complex science narrative and unreal super-slim outcome possibilities as to be self-defeating even before you get to Chapter 3…then, in overload desperation, when skipping straight to the recipes, half of the ingredients I can’t pronounce and certainly wouldn’t want to ingest even if cooking them on the pictured $7,000 Viking range (nothing against Viking, great stoves…but fancy cooking stuff seems to be abundant in diet cookbook stylistic photography).

We have nine Krispy Kreme stores in Texas located in the mighty fine cities of Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Laredo, McAllen, and El Paso. Things do slow a bit in early January but if you think about it, some of this phenomenon is because we’ve just been through a rigorous holiday season lasting from before Thanksgiving these days right on through Christmas, then New Year’s Day where we chow down on heavy duty regional foods like collard greens, hog jowl, and black eyed peas (in some locales), with every fork-full overshadowed with that dread looming over of having to go back to work in just 24 hours…HEY! WHY NOT SLOW DOWN A LITTLE IN JANUARY! At Krispy Kreme, we get it. Slow down.

So to help those of you who need a gentle distraction from all the unneeded intensity of keeping your new year’s resolutions (or whatever other promises you carelessly make to yourself around this time of year), we suggest that you stop by any one of our stores, sit down for just a second and enjoy an Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut hot off the line with a cup of coffee, or a milk. Take your time, enjoy every bite and remember that you don’t have to eat a whole dozen to have a Krispy Kreme experience…just because that dozen’s sitting opened right there on the table in front of you…you can use restraint and derive just as much pleasure from the one Krispy Kreme doughnut moment. But if it takes two to satisfy you I can only say that you’re now getting into Krispy Mike’s territory which is a pretty good place to be, especially if you have no new resolutions to have to swallow.

Drop by soon. I’ll be at the table right over there enjoying some extra special doughnuts, Caramel Cheesecake, and Chocolate Cheesecake and a cup of Caramel Mocha which is a rich espresso with dark chocolate, caramel syrup, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. Wow! I hereby make a resolution to accept temptation! There’s a picture of these new LTO’s (marketing buzz letters for Limited Time Offer) below and you’ll notice there’s not a Viking Range in sight.

That’s so you’ll have more fun.

In high resolution I remain sincerely yours,

Krispy Mike