Other Charities

Glazing Saddles Gives Back!
Glazing Saddles, LLC regularly participates in charitable activities as a way of giving back to our communities.

Our annual TEACHER OF THE YEAR PROGRAM allows students, teachers and parents to nominate worthy teachers for this yearly award. Teachers and their schools receive cash awards and other prizes during ceremonies which are held in May during Teacher Appreciation Month.

We also regularly partner with BIG BROTHERS and BIG SISTERS to provide fundraising for this worthy organization. Other organizations that we partner with include the SALVATION ARMY and many others.

Glazing Saddles, LLC also holds special events and promotions to help promote community appreciation. Events such as our HERO APPRECIATION DAY and DIA de los MUERTOS (honoring those who go before us) stregthens our commitment to the cities and communities we serve.

If your organization would like to partner with us for an event, please contact us.